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Dr. Lisa Rosner Presents Pox Hunter

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Select Start Welcomes
Lisa Rosner, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of History
Stockton University
School of Arts and Humanities
Dr. Rosner presents
Pox Hunter
April 20, 2016
1-2:30 p.m.
School of Communication and Infromation
Room 323
All games have win conditions, from tic-tac-toe to Worlds of Warcraft.
“Winning” in a historical game is not just a matter of racking up points,
moving through levels, or completing quests. A further win condition is
that players experience history in a game with the same degree of accuracy
as they would experience it in a classroom, museum, or historic site.
In “Win Conditions: Historical Accuracy and Game Design,” Dr. Lisa Rosner
will discuss various game design challenges that she and her team have
been facing in developing The Pox Hunter, a 3D Unity strategy game that
harnesses the affordances of digital games to present a key issue in the
history of medicine: the interaction of disease entity, patient, and healer
in the introduction of vaccination as a public health technology.
Dr. Rosner explores the many definitions of historical accuracy as they
apply to games. It might mean that the game allows the player to roleplay
in an historical setting. It might mean that the decorative aspects of
the game, such as clothing and architecture, are period-appropriate. Or it
might mean that some aspect of human behavior in the past can be interpreted,
and then modeled, as a kind of rule-based play.
Come for the talk, stay for the play test!

Did you recently…
Go to a conference? Present a paper or poster? Publish an article or book chapter? Participate in a workshop or panel? If you did, please join Select Start members and guests and tell us about your accomplishments during our informal research chat on

Wednesday, February 17th from 1:00-3:00 at
Huntington House.
We will discuss our latest projects and talk about academic conferences, among other things. Free lunch will be provided!
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Game Night and Welcome Party by Select Start and the IFP

Please join us for a game night and welcome party co-sponsored by Select Start and the Rutgers International Friendship Program. This event aims at encouraging friendship and communication among international and domestic students and promoting cross-cultural understanding between both groups.
Date: January 21, 2016
Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Where: College Ave Student Center – Red Lion Café
Food and drinks are provided.
We look forward to gaming with you!

Software, Rhetoric, and Hospitality: Guest Lecture by Dr. James Brown, Jr. (Rutgers-Camden)

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Select-Start is excited to host Dr. Jim Brown for a guest lecture on October 29, from 3-4:30 PM in the Pane Room of Alexander Library. Brown will be discussing his new book Ethical Programs (U. of Michigan Press) available in free digital edition from the publisher.

Book description:

Living in a networked world means never really getting to decide in any thoroughgoing way who or what enters your “space” (your laptop, your iPhone, your thermostat . . . your home). With this as a basic frame-of-reference, James J. Brown’s Ethical Programs examines and explores the rhetorical potential and problems of a hospitality ethos suited to a new era of hosts and guests. Brown reads a range of computational strategies and actors including the general principles underwriting the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which determines how packets of information can travel through the internet, to the Obama election campaign’s use of the power of protocols to reach voters, harvest their data, incentivize and, ultimately, shape their participation in the campaign. In demonstrating the kind of rhetorical spaces networked software establishes and the access it permits, prevents, and molds, Brown makes a major contribution to the emergent discourse of software studies as a major component of efforts in broad fields including media studies, rhetorical studies, and cultural studies.

James J. Brown is an Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Digital Studies Center at Rutgers University–Camden. His teaching and research focus on rhetoric, writing, new media, and software studies.

Select Start Twine Demo and Workshop

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How is a light-weight hypertext editor changing games and education? This friendly lunchtime workshop will introduce participants to Twine, the free and easy-to-learn utility that is currently attracting new and diverse voices to the fields of gaming, education, and electronic literature. After briefly surveying the history and theory of interactive narrative, workshop leader James Hodges will demonstrate Twine games from several emerging developers. The workshop will conclude with a tour of Twine’s features and a play-test of some Twine works-in-progress.

Date: September 30
Time: 12 -2 p.m.
Where: SC&I Room 323
Expertise: None required
Food: Lunch provided

James Hodges is a PhD student in Media Studies at Rutgers University. In Spring 2015, James curated an exhibition of experimental games entitled ALTERCADE. He is also chair of professional development for the Rutgers SC&I Doctoral Student Association, and webmaster for Select-Start, a GSO advancing game studies at Rutgers.

Select Start Fall 2015 Schedule

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Welcome to the new semester! Please see following and attached for what we have prepared for this semester. We will update details of the events throughout the semester. Come join us!

  • Welcome Back Social and Orientation
    September 10, 6 – 8 p.m.
    Huntington House
  • Twine Demo and Workshop
    September 30, 12 -2 p.m.
    SCI Faculty Lounge
  • October Guest Speaker
    Exact date & time TBA
    Alexander Library, CAC
  • Research Chat
    November 12, 12 – 2 p.m.
    SCI Faculty Lounge
  • End of Semester Retro Game Night
    December 3, 6 – 8 p.m.
    Huntington House