Select Start Twine Demo and Workshop

Twine Demo v1

How is a light-weight hypertext editor changing games and education? This friendly lunchtime workshop will introduce participants to Twine, the free and easy-to-learn utility that is currently attracting new and diverse voices to the fields of gaming, education, and electronic literature. After briefly surveying the history and theory of interactive narrative, workshop leader James Hodges will demonstrate Twine games from several emerging developers. The workshop will conclude with a tour of Twine’s features and a play-test of some Twine works-in-progress.

Date: September 30
Time: 12 -2 p.m.
Where: SC&I Room 323
Expertise: None required
Food: Lunch provided

James Hodges is a PhD student in Media Studies at Rutgers University. In Spring 2015, James curated an exhibition of experimental games entitled ALTERCADE. He is also chair of professional development for the Rutgers SC&I Doctoral Student Association, and webmaster for Select-Start, a GSO advancing game studies at Rutgers.