Dr. Lisa Rosner Presents Pox Hunter

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Select Start Welcomes
Lisa Rosner, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of History
Stockton University
School of Arts and Humanities
Dr. Rosner presents
Pox Hunter
April 20, 2016
1-2:30 p.m.
School of Communication and Infromation
Room 323
All games have win conditions, from tic-tac-toe to Worlds of Warcraft.
“Winning” in a historical game is not just a matter of racking up points,
moving through levels, or completing quests. A further win condition is
that players experience history in a game with the same degree of accuracy
as they would experience it in a classroom, museum, or historic site.
In “Win Conditions: Historical Accuracy and Game Design,” Dr. Lisa Rosner
will discuss various game design challenges that she and her team have
been facing in developing The Pox Hunter, a 3D Unity strategy game that
harnesses the affordances of digital games to present a key issue in the
history of medicine: the interaction of disease entity, patient, and healer
in the introduction of vaccination as a public health technology.
Dr. Rosner explores the many definitions of historical accuracy as they
apply to games. It might mean that the game allows the player to roleplay
in an historical setting. It might mean that the decorative aspects of
the game, such as clothing and architecture, are period-appropriate. Or it
might mean that some aspect of human behavior in the past can be interpreted,
and then modeled, as a kind of rule-based play.
Come for the talk, stay for the play test!