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Select-Start is a game studies interest group organized by doctoral students in the Rutgers University School of Communication & Information. We organize events like historical game nights, research chats, panel discussions, and play-testing sessions.


We are:

Fanny Ramirez, president
Fanny is a PhD student in communication. Her research addresses topics as diverse as affective manipulation in casual games and back-channel chat in MMO’s. She is an avid EVE Online player.


Si Sun, secretary
Si studies health information practices among people living with chronic conditions, with a focus on persuasive technologies that make healthy choices “stick.” She is a PhD student in library and information science and a huge fan of Neverwinter Online.


Andrew Salvati, treasurer
Andrew is a PhD candidate in media studies, where he studies the relationship between history and popular media. When he’s not researching historical TV or games, Andrew can be found watching dozens of broadcast streams at once.


Frank Bridges, social chair
PhD candidate Frank Bridges is currently writing a dissertation on independent musicians’ distribution tactics, from the first “indie” boom through today. He also plays a mean bass guitar and released over a dozen records in the 90’s.


James Hodges, webmaster
James Hodges is a PhD student in media studies, researching the preservation of unsupported and unreleased software. He is currently developing a text adventure set in the abandoned shopping malls of an eco-dystopian future.

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